Visual Fire Alarm Petition

On Monday 1st August in the afternoon, Fire alarms rang throughout the Kate Edger Building at University of Auckland.

While sitting on a couch hidden out of sight at the back end of the 4th floor, unknown to Dean Buckley, people were exiting the building. There was nothing out of ordinary to indicate that he too had to leave the building.

A surprised Fire Warden chanced upon Dean and prompted him to exit the building as it was a Fire Drill.

Dean isn’t the first Deaf person to be left behind in a fire drill.

Numerous Deaf, Hard of Hearing and people with disabilities spoke of their experiences of being left inside buildings during Fire drills, Bomb scares etc.

This led us to checking New Zealand’s Fire Safety laws only to discover there’s no statutory requirement to have visual fire alarms in buildings.

Members of Deaf Action support the need for this petition to get visual fire alarms in public buildings throughout NZ.

Visual Fire Alarms emit an eye catching flash through rotating lights fitted to Fire Alarms.

These fire alarms can benefit everyone regardless.

Imagine with the headphones you have on blasting music into your ears and the fire alarms go off, you see this flash and are immediately alerted to the fire alarm. You have a safe opportunity to exit the building.

Deaf, Hard of Hearing and people with disabilities are alerted to the flashes and can exit the buildings in through their safe routes or safe points of evacuation quicker.

Fire Safety shouldn’t be compromised through outdated technology systems.

Thank you for supporting this petition to raise this important matter that needs urgent action.

Dean Buckley’s experience:

Mojo Mather’s experience:

Further reading:

There are 2 ways you can help us:

1: Sign the online petition and encourage friends to sign.

2. Print out a copy of the petition, collect signatures and mail it to:

Kim Robinson,
29 Western Hills Drive,
Whangarei 0112

before Thursday 27th October 2016.

Petition will be handed to Mojo Mathers on Thursday 3rd November 2016 at 12.30pm.

Kim Robinson
Deaf Action (New Zealand)